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Accessibility Policy

We are committed to making our web-site as accessible as possible to all users. Our efforts include:

Using plain language, without using travel industry or other jargon. Where we use abbreviations, the full phrase will be referenced with its first usage on the page.

Maintaining an easy to use navigation structure throughout, including a 'mega-menu' from the top navigation panel to allow users to navigate directly to the destination of their choice immediately.

Limiting template style to a number appropriate to the size of the site and using a template structure in line with the structure of information in the site. For example, the layout of our Kenya page is the same as the layout for our Vietnam page.

Using a clear heading structure throughout and ensuring that large blocks of information are split into manageable chunks using paragraphs, lists, tabs and other HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) according to category of information to create a logical information structure.

Using a 'breadcrumb trail' throughout to allow users to navigate backwards as required.

Using a plain background to ensure clarity of text and using a font colour with sufficient contrast for those with visual impairments.

Using meaningful alternative attributes (sometimes referred to as 'alt tags') on images where appropriate.

Using hyperlinks appropriate to the context and purpose of the link.

Coding our site to display in all the main modern browser types, including but not limited to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Coding our site so that headings appear in a legible back-up font if our logotype is not compatible with your own browser.

Allowing users to amend to resize all text using their browser settings. To increase text size:

Internet Explorer (8):
Click Page, Click Text Size, Select Medium, Large, Largest as required

Click View (you may need to press 'Alt' on your keyboard in order for the menu to appear). Select Zoom; Select 'Zoom Text Only'.  If using a mouse, press and hold 'Ctrl' whilst scrolling up to zoom in and down to zoom out. For full instructions, click

Click the spanner icon on the browse toolbar; Select 'Options'; Select 'Under the Bonnet'; in the 'Web Content' section, use the 'Font Size' menu to adjust as required.

Our site uses Javascript to create an attractive slideshow of photographs at the top of each page. It is necessary to have Javascript enabled on your computer to fully appreciate this feature. Our site is programmed to ensure that one image from the slideshow displays in your browser if you have Javascript disabled in your computer settings. 


The Red Savannah Experience

The idea for Red Savannah was always based on a clear market need. Put together a small team of the most experienced (nobody has less than 10 years experience) travel designers and provide a service that revolves around knowledge, empathy and genuine friendliness. A company that brings back craftsmanship and substance, without the glitz and over-hackneyed travel jargon. In short, a travel company redefined for the 21st century.

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