Often thought of in terms of it's sad drought in the 1980's, Ethiopia is perhaps one of the most unexpectedly naturally abundant and culturally rich of African nations. Explored by pioneers and missionaries, though never colonized, Ethiopia's self-contained culture is rich with the tribal traditions of the Mursi, Bume, Karo, Hamer and Surma, where rituals such as dancing, music and body-marking remain evident today. The heritage of the Orthodox Church in Gondar, Lalibela and Axum compliment the natural beauty of the Simien and Bale Mountain National Parks, rich with endemic bird and mammal life.

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Ethiopia - The Historic Route 〜 10 days

Ethiopia's historic north is rich in cultural heritage. Visit the ancient centres of Axum, Gondar, the magnificent complex of Lalibela and the 17th century monasteries of Lake Tana. A visit to the lush panoramas of the Simien Mountains National Park reveals a natural beauty, rich with endemic mammal and birdlife. From £3,300 / $5,016

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  • Visiting the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World, Lalibela.
  • Taking aboat ride on Lake Tana, visiting Ura Kidane Mihret Church.
  • Walking in the Simien Mountains.


Tribes & Wildlife of Ethiopia 〜 13 days

Ethiopia Holidays- Tribe

Ethiopia is home to some of the most interesting tribal communities in Africa. Visit the bee-hive dwellings of the Dorze, meet the Karo's who decorate their bodies and hair, watch the 'Bull Jumping' of the Hamer men. Continue to the Sanetti Plateau, home to Simien wolf, the golden jackal and the Abyssinian hare. From £3,745 / $5,692

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  • Watching the Hamer 'Bull Jumping'
  • Meeting the Mursi ladies, known for their lip adornments
  • Seeing the wildlife, such as warthog, guerza monkey and Simien wolf


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