Together with Réunion and Rodrigues, Mauritius completes the trio of islands making up the Mascarene archipelago lying beyond the eastern shores of Madagascar. Today an oasis of idyllic tranquillity for holidays and honeymoons alike, Mauritius' creation is somewhat of a paradox, literally erupting from the ocean floor some eight million years ago. Now dormant, the island's jagged volcanic peaks create a powerful backdrop to the coastal plains dotted with fields of sugar cane and tobacco. Such sights create unforgettable tableaux that will remain with you long after your Mauritius holiday is over.

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For those wishing to get close to nature on their Mauritius holiday, the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest of the island is a must as it plays host to an abundance of protected native flora and fauna, including the endemic pink pigeon, fruit bat, gecko and orchid.  Whether you are on a Mauritius honeymoon or holiday, the island offers everything from exotic wildlife to sophisticated luxury.

Yet perhaps the image one has of Mauritius is its endless white sandy beaches melting into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where over 1000 species of marine life exist amongst the coral reefs which encircle the island. This is a veritable dream holiday or honeymoon destination for scuba diving, snorkeling or simply just letting time pass you by whilst soaking up the sun's rays. There is much that remains authentic on the island where India meets Africa, making a Mauritius holiday or honeymoon a culturally rich experience.  Mauritius is a melting pot of ethnic cultures where Hindu, Chinese, Christian and Muslim festivals are celebrated with equal passion and the island's inimitable style of music and dancing - Creole, the Lingua Franca and Sega - has been created by this mixed culture.

Contact our Mauritius travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made Mauritius holiday on: +44 (0)1242 787806.

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