North Africa

Where Africa meets Asia, the countries of North Africa each boast a proud national identity, making holidays in North Africa deeply cultural experiences.  Influenced through the centuries by an exotic blend of external cultures, religions and traditions such as the Phoenician, Greek, Roman and European Colonial Empires as they crossed the Mediterranean Seas in search of new lands to conquer. Consequentially, and given their natural division from the rest of the African continent, the nations of North Africa are more closely linked to Europe and Southwest Asia than their Sub-Saharan neighbours and today such a melting pot of cultures creates for memorable North African holidays.  The modern-day influences of the Western world sit alongside the traditional yet diverse, century-old values of the Bedouin and Maghreb. As a result, a visual, cultural and historical treasure chest of delights is but a short journey away. 

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A country of diverse landscapes, people and cultures, the evocative sights, sounds and smells of this North African land will seduce the senses. From the desert panoramas of Erg Chebbi and dramatic gorges and winding valleys of Dadès and Todra to the palaces, medinas and minarets of imperial Fès and Meknès; from the surf-friendly, whitewashed streets of coastal Essaouira to the memorable, magnetic atmosphere of Marrakech. Wherever your journey leads, you can be sure that Morocco will leave a lasting impression on your soul. 

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Luxury Holidays in Egypt


Ancient Egyptians established a magnificent civilisation along the fertile Nile Valley from the Alexandria delta, with its fine Ottoman architecture, to the upper Nile Valley where elegant river boats and graceful feluccas sail through history past splendid temples at Karnak, Kom Ombo and Edfu. In the capital, Cairo, Tutankhamun silently observes visitors to the splendid Egyptian Museum, whilst nearby the vast Great Pyramids of Giza tower over the regal Sphinx. Beyond the valley, divers flock to the coral of the Red Sea, for some of the best diving in the world. 

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