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With an economy kick-started by the discovery of diamonds in the 1960s, a remarkably stable government, and a focus on top quality, low volume tourism Botswana offers one of the most authentic and mind-blowing wildlife experiences on the planet. It's virtually the same size as France, yet has a population of only 1.6 million, nearly half of whom are employed through safari tourism and wildlife conservation. A pristine wilderness environment ranging from the wetlands of the Okavango Delta to the arid Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, the land has been divided into vast private reserves that are leased out to top-notch safari companies who are obliged to train and employ local people and 'give back' to native communities, or the government, for the privilege of being there. This goes a long way in creating a happy, easy-going relationship between visitors and locals.

See a selection of our suggested itineraries below and contact our Botswana specialist, Chris Evans, for advice: +44 (0)1242 787 806.

The best wildlife encounters, and we're talking up-close-and-personal, are to be found in these private reserves (or concessions, as they are known locally), and fabulous contrasts in landscape make for an ever-enthralling experience. An Okavango safari is set amidst the myriad waterways of the vast delta - a gigantic wetland paradise and home to millions of must-see animals to be viewed by vehicle, foot or in a mokoro (or even on the back of an elephant).

In stark contrast to Okavango Delta safaris, the Kalahari Desert, where original Bushmen still live, is the largest unbroken stretch of sand in the world, full of scrub-covered fossil dunes and ancient river valleys where you can spot gemsbok, red hartebeest, brown hyena and, with luck, the great black-maned Kalahari lion. When the rains come, the pans fill with water and become a breeding ground for huge flocks of flamingo and migratory birds. All this splendour, combined with exciting small plane rides and some of Africa'smost exceptional accommodation (think copper baths, stylish tents, even creamy risottos), make for the most wonderful mix-and-match African safari holiday.

Contact our Africa travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made Botswana holiday on: +44 (0)1242 787806.

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