Away from the crowds and the tourist hoards, Malawi holidays offer an Africa that dreams are made of. Lying in the central south of the continent, this wonderful country offers adventure, excitement and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes untouched by overdevelopment and mass tourism.  Sculpted by the Great Rift Valley, Malawi's geography is dominated by towering mountains, lush fertile valleys and enormous crystal-clear lakes.

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Famed for its abundance and diversity of fish life, Lake Malawi holds more freshwater fish species than any other lake on Earth.  Approximately 600 km long, it dominates the Eastern side of the country, boasting idyllic sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, just perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling.  Lined with small fishing villages and lush woodland, it is also a magnet for animal and birdlife, with everything from Vervet monkeys to hippos spotted on its shores. 

Move south and you reach the vibrant green tea plantations of the Zomba Plateau and the majestic Liwonde National Park. Situated along the banks of the palm fringed Shire River, this lush park is home to hippo, elephant and other wildlife including sable antelope, waterbuck, impala and bushbuck. With small tented camps on the banks of the river and the opportunity to take boat trips on the water, it offers an enchanting Malawi safari experience.

Head north to Nyika National Park and you'll discover the rolling hills, pine forests and grasslands of the gorgeous Nyika Plateau where you can explore on foot, on horseback and by bike, one of the most unique landscapes on the continent (some compare it to Scotland). Warm, welcoming and stunningly beautiful Malawi is an unsung hero.

Contact our Africa travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made Malawi holiday on: +44 (0)1242 787806.

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