You'd be hard pushed to find a more pristine paradise. More interesting than Mauritius, more beautiful than the Seychelles and less crowded than the Maldives, Mozambique holidays have piqued the interest of beach-loving adventurers seeking a winter or spring escape. The emergence of a handful of high-end, low-impact island hotels (chic wooden bungalow rooms), together with the renaissance of the capital Maputo (established by the Portugese in the 1700s who were attracted by rumours of pearls), and efforts to resurrect the country's wildlife reserves, are a huge step forward for a country which has undeniably had a rough ride.

See a selection of our suggested itineraries below and contact our Africa travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made holiday to Mozambique on: +44 (0)1242 787 806.

Leaving its tumultuous past behind, Mozambique holidays today are centred around the idyllic Bazaruto Archipelago with its palm fringed white beaches, paddling fishermen, dhow boats and unbleached corals inhabited by rays, dolphins, turtles, humpback whales, and even the rare dugong. 

Go inland to the central and southern wildlife reserves and you'll also discover large populations of elephant, buffalo and antelope roaming free. And slightly shabby Maputo has become rather stylish, with broad avenues lined with jacaranda and acacia trees, sidewalks paved with mosaics, pretty, colonial style buildings (with a touch of Havana to them) and a unique Mediterranean/African atmosphere. 

And its not just divers who will be mezmerized by this watery wonderworld - for some of the best fishing in the world, go north of Maputo to the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park which is scattered with numerous idyllic islands. After the dustiness of an African safari, with its early morning starts, Mozambique is a fast track to the ultimate chill-out destination. 

Contact our Africa travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made Mozambique holiday on: +44 (0)1242 787806.

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