You'd be hard pushed to find a more pristine paradise. More interesting than Mauritius, more beautiful than the Seychelles and less crowded than the Maldives, Mozambique holidays have piqued the interest of beach-loving adventurers seeking a winter or spring escape. The emergence of a handful of high-end, low-impact island hotels (chic wooden bungalow rooms), together with the renaissance of the capital Maputo (established by the Portugese in the 1700s who were attracted by rumours of pearls), and efforts to resurrect the country's wildlife reserves, are a huge step forward for a country which has undeniably had a rough ride.

See a selection of our suggested itineraries below and contact our Africa travel specialist, Chris Evans, to arrange your tailor-made holiday to Mozambique on: +44 (0)1242 787 806.

A Beach Retreat to Mozambique 〜 8 days

Luxury Resort in Mozambique - Beach

White Pearl Resort is a chic coastal resort with a laid back vibe and the utmost dedication to the delicate eco-system that surrounds it, from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the dense bush. A calming beachside escape awaits you with many opportunities to get closer to nature. From £3,025 / $5,038

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  • Excellent cuisine and extensive wine collection.
  • Exhilarating activities including diving & snorkelling.
  • Coastal & bush riding.
  • Witness turtles laying their eggs (between Nov - Feb).


Northern Mozambique 〜 13 days


This Robinson Crusoe style adventure takes you to some of the most unspoilt parts of Africa's coastline, though in rather more comfort than that enjoyed by Mr Crusoe! The seas take your breath away with a kaleidoscope of blues which reveal myriad life beneath the surface. Enjoy barefoot luxury in some of the best retreats in the Quirimbas Archipelago. From £5,248 / $8,396

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  • Pretending to be Robinson Crusoe on an uninhabited island, armed with a 'castaway picnic'!
  • Kayaking through the largest mangrove forest in Africa.
  • Diving with sea turtles, clown fish and dolphins over pristine coral reefs.


A Dhow Safari in Northern Mozambique ~ 10 days

Mozambique Dhow Safari

For beach-loving adventurers, this is the journey adventure of a lifetime aboard a traditional sailing dhow bound for the Quirimbas Archipelago. Jump off and snorkel the stunning coral reefs, or kayak into broad river mouths. Then relax at Ibo Island Lodge which is considered one of the most magical, atmospheric and unique lodges in Africa. From £3,100 / $4,836

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  • Sleep under the stars
  • Pinch me perfect water-island fantasy -  eye popping snorkelling over coloured corals
  • Combine adventure, beaches, boating and culture


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