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West Africa

From its colonial heritage to large areas of untouched rainforest and a beautiful, truly unspoiled coastline, West Africa is culturally and environmentally diverse and richly rewarding. Imagine sun-infused scenes of beachfront bliss where the mighty Atlantic meets western African shores, virgin forests bursting with bird-life and tropical flowers, and the peace and quiet that comes only from travelling somewhere relatively unknown. Whether seasoned safari-goer or African novice, visitors cannot help but be charmed by the West, as this is Africa at its most relaxed, pure and - for many - enchanting.

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São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe holidays are immensely rewarding; venture to this untouched archipelago and you'll discover a truly authentic corner of Africa, where towering outcrops rise from a thick blanket of primary forest dotted with colourful birds and eye-popping orchids. The islands calm and natural bounty make them a refuge for wildlife - and for people, too: far off the beaten path, surrounded by coconut palms, tropical fruit trees and deserted beaches, you'll soon find yourself operating on island time. 

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