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Often referred to as the New World, the Americas are in fact one of the richest places on earth for natural and man-made heritage. Centuries of adventurers, discoverers and traders from all over the globe, notably Europe, made their mark on a continent which reaches from pole to pole. The resulting melting pot of cultures makes the Americas one of the most rewarding places to visit. Whether you choose the peaks of the Rockies or Patagonia or the plains of the Pampas, the tango or the samba, the ancient villages of the Incas or the cosmopolitan cities of Buenos Aires, New York, Rio or San Francisco, a voyage of discovery to the Americas is inspiring and life-enhancing.


Few places combine such a diverse range of outdoor activities with splendid accommodation and dining as well as North America. Perfect for active families, explore the meadows and mountains on horseback or mountain bike, go kayaking in Vancouver Island's estuaries, go bear or whale watching or try your hand at archery or fishing. Live ranch style or in tented camps, this is wilderness living at its most exciting. 

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South America

A world of adventure awaits the most inexperienced to the most intrepid of travellers in this immense continent.  A colourful tapestry encapsulating a myriad of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, countless species of wildlife, breath-taking scenery, buzzing cities, tropical beaches, dense Amazonian rainforest and river deltas, and the deep-seated heritage of the Otavalo Indians and the Incas.

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Central America

One of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet, Central America links the two Americas, with the roaring Pacific to the west and the gentle Caribbean to the east. These six little nations punch well above their weight, offering everything from protected wildlife reserves and teeming coral reefs to ancient Mayan history. The people have a healthy appetite for adventure, yet the culture is markedly relaxed, meaning you can be as active or as idle as you wish.

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Often dismissed simply as beach holiday destinations, the varying islands of the Caribbean have fascinating histories, vibrant cultures, and lots to offer beyond the beach. That said, given the paradisiacal nature of the coastline and the luxury laid on at some of the world's best hotels, it can be hard to drag yourself away. Red Savannah's luxury resorts in the Caribbean are cherry-picked for service, sanctuary and spellbinding locations - just the ticket for some rest and rejuvenation.

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