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Cloudless skies, warm seas, and bounteous green landscapes punctuated only by the bright hues of tropical flowers and fruit trees have enticed visitors to the Caribbean throughout history. Sheltered by the vast landmasses to the north and south, the comparatively tiny islands of the Caribbean preserve a healthy pace of life and stunning natural beauty. The topography shifts from towering velvety green peaks in Saint Lucia to low-lying hills in Barbados. Scattered throughout, occupying old plantation houses, stretches of impossibly perfect beach, and lush tropical gardens, lie some of the world's most desirable hideaways.

Our Caribbean resorts are carefully chosen for their beach-front locations, delicious cuisine, and charismatic staff, and packed with superb facilities and amenities from sailing boats to tennis courts and indulgent spas. Voraciously sought after by international travellers, these hotels make for some of the most superb holiday experiences on earth. 

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Still known to the locals by its original Arawak name of Wadidli, meaning 'our own', Antigua is a microcosmic Caribbean paradise where the pace of life is slow, the green hills are scattered with colourful clapboard houses, and crystal clear water meets a meandering, largely deserted white sand coast. Favoured by sailing enthusiasts thanks to its many harbours and marinas, the island is also peppered with fantastic hotels. 

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Holidays to Jamaica

Cosmopolitan Jamaica is the most famous of the Caribbean islands and has long drawn visitors in search of the good life. Known for its white-sand beaches and excellent beach hotels, the country also has a beautiful, rugged interior and a captivating and distinct culture. Fun and lively, Jamaica has bequeathed to the world many iconic musicians, writers and artists.

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Suggested Resorts

British virgin islands hotels - little dix bay

British Virgin Islands Holidays

Once beleaguered by pirates and warring colonialists, BVI is today one of the most civilised and tranquil pockets of the Caribbean. Just a short hop from Antigua, its stunning scenery and small population mean it lives up to every expectation of a Caribbean paradise, and its distinctly up-market hotels and villas attract a cosmopolitan clientele in search of discreet service and total escapism.

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Nevis Holidays - Nevis - Beach


Nevis, alongside big brother St Kitts - make up this twin-island nation - in the heart of the West Indies. Known and treasured for its prolific and vibrant green landscapes, its majestic and dominating forest-clad volcano and palm shaded beaches; with creamy white sands and a smattering of drift wood for authenticity, which encircle and frame this idyllic island.

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