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Central America

All the colour, culture, beauty and excitement of South America exists in Central America, but the region also has a distinctly laid-back and beachy feel that links it with its Caribbean neighbours. On a holiday to Central America you'll never go short on fun: adventure sports, diving, jungle trekking - you name it, and you can do it here. The region's astounding biodiversity also makes it a haven for all things nature, whether scouting out colourful birdlife, admiring the Technicolor butterfly blooms, or lying in wait for an elusive jaguar deep in the jungle. Everywhere you go, people will talk of the good life, 'pura vida', and a Central American holiday certainly provides it in spades. 

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Costa Rica

Wild and beautiful Costa Rica has rightly gained a reputation for exotic wildlife, tropical landscapes, and an infectious joie de vivre. Conservation has been a priority, and there are numerous eco-lodges in prime positions for spotting the country's brightly coloured birds, animals and magnificent flora. One of the things we love most is the abundance of adventure, whether zip-lining through the rainforest canopy or trekking into the jungle; and hotels by the sea offer the perfect respite from the action.

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