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North America

Long the inspiration of pioneers, North America welcomes a new generation of adventurer. Imaginative log cabins and luxury canvas accommodation indulge the pioneer spirit and yet it is the great outdoors which leaves one literally breathless. Take to the saddle - either on two wheels or on four legs - to appreciate the remote wilderness of the Canadian Rockies or Montana's guest ranches, where cars have no place and a Blackberry is still just a fruit. Experience the adrenalin rush of white water rafting, kayaking and mountain biking or enjoy the challenge of fighting to land a 30 pound sockeye salmon, hiking to an old gold mine or watching whales breaching.

See below for destinations in North America and contact Jackie Slaughter (East Coast USA) or Melissa Matthews (West Coast USA & Canada) to organise your tailor-made holiday on+44 (0)1242 787806.


The world's second largest country, Canada's landmass encompasses modern cities, vast prairielands and dramatic mountains stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific Coast and up to the Arctic Ocean. Sparsely populated for its size, it is a nation of striking - in places, savage - beauty rich in flora, fauna and with landscapes ripe for exploration. The wilderness scenery, imaginative luxury accommodation and the friendly nature of the people make western Canada particularly suitable for a family activity holiday.

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Vast, varied and seriously beautiful, the USA moves from the slickest of cities to the wildest of wilderness - and the experiences on offer are as varied as the landscapes. Intrepid adventures straight off the big screen allow immersion into the ranches of the West or the rugged beauty of Alaska - while elsewhere mountain-top spas provide pampering in the most beautiful of settings, the changing Fall colours of New England make driving a dream, and civilised cities offer first-world sophistication.

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