Ecuador and Galapagos

Boasting four regions in one country, Ecuador is home to the evolutionary marvel of the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific coast, the majestic Andes mountain range and the Amazonian rain forest.   Only in Ecuador can one climb the world's tallest active volcano, kayak the rapids of the Amazon rainforest and crisscross the Equatorial line on horseback - all in one holiday.  With over 1,640 species of bird, an all year round spring climate and a deep cultural history, Ecuador has been declared "megadiverse" by UNESCO.  We believe that says it all.

Insight into Ecuador and Galapagos 〜 10 days

Ecuador Holiday- Galapagos Penguin

An insight into Ecuador and Galapagos with visits to the colonial city of Quito, biking or hiking around the rural villages of the Andes and ending in the Galapagos where one can snorkel the pristine waters in search of sea turtles or walk through the mangroves and Iguana colonies.   From £3,615 / $5,784 per person, excluding flights. 

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  • Riding mountain bikes around the Andes and its rural villages.
  • Spotting white tipped reef sharks, sea lions, turtles, rays and penguins.
  • Hiking to the Sierra Negra; the largest of all the Galapagos volcanoes.


Ecuador - A Classic Journey 〜 11 days

Ecuador Holidays- Classic Ecuador

Explore the classic sights of Ecuador, from Quito to riding in the Andes. Visits include Cotopaxi Volcano and National Park, the colonial city of Cuenca and the El Cajas National Park, with its rich birdlife ranging from condors to hummingbirds.  From £4,060 / $6,496 per person, excluding international flights. 

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  • Visiting the lively Otavalo market.
  • Riding Zuleteño bred horses across the Páramo at altitude.
  • The extraordinary wildlife of the Cotopaxi & El Cajas National Parks.


A Family Holiday to Galapagos 〜 9 days

Ecuador Holidays- Galapagos

This journey is a memorable adventure for families. Lessons on Darwin's theory of evolution are brought vividly to life with face-to-face encounters with fearless iguanas, tame sharks, friendly dolphins and inquisitive sea lions. Family-only yacht charters with activities just for children ensure the journey is appreciated by children and parents alike. 

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  • Getting up close to sea lions, dolphins & marine iguanas
  • Watching the courtship dance of the blue-footed boobies
  • Sharing the experience with other families on board


Lodge-Based Galapagos Exploration 〜 10 days

Luxury Ecuador Holidays, Galapagos, Pikaia Day Excursion

Start your journey exploring the colonial capital city of Ecuador, Quito prior to setting off on a Galapagos adventure. Head for Pikaia Lodge on Santa Cruz Island - the base for the remainder of your journey. Each day you'll embark on the spacious yacht Pikaia I to visit the islands, beaches and wildlife of this remote national park. From £5,426 / $9,299 per person, excluding international flights.

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  • 2 night city break in Quito prior to the Galapagos adventure
  • Lodge-based accommodation at Pikaia Lodge
  • Daily excursions on board the luxuriously appointed Pikaia I


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