Far East

Thinking of The Far East conjures up many predictable images; traditional Chinese fishermen complete with conical hat and Cormorant, waiting patiently for a catch, on their beautifully-carved wooden boats, or the mesmerising symmetrical patterns of the tea plantations and their loyal hard-working pickers - heads down.  But in reality, its all that and so much more. Traditions dating back centuries, still going strong, combine with a fast-pace, modern lifestyle and constantly-evolving cultures making it a truly magical part of the world.  There are so many enchanting pockets to the Far East; from the four corners of Japan and Mongolia (coming soon to our portfolio) to the true wonder that is China, and the sheer variety that is has to offer. 

The Great Wall of China


China, heavily steeped in antiquity and with an exciting and diverse culture, is as much an education as a holiday; from discovering the fascinating history behind the Great Wall of China to meeting the iconic Giant Pandas and seeing first-hand the invaluable effort behind their preservation in Chengdu, there is so much to see and do. China is a spectacular and intriguing country that needs time and a carefully planned itinerary to do it justice.

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The Red Savannah Experience

The idea for Red Savannah was always based on a clear market need. Put together a small team of the most experienced (nobody has less than 10 years experience) travel designers and provide a service that revolves around knowledge, empathy and genuine friendliness. A company that brings back craftsmanship and substance, without the glitz and over-hackneyed travel jargon. In short, a travel company redefined for the 21st century.

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