China is an immense country with a perfect combination of many cultural, historical and natural wonders and numerous progressive and prosperous cities.  From the high-octane energy of Shanghai and Beijing with their sky-scrapers and electric vibe, to the tranquillity and staggering beauty of the Li River, a place best experienced with a day floating on a traditional bamboo raft. Beijing’s Imperial Summer Palace or The Forbidden City merely examples of the many ancient delights.  Food styles vary hugely by region, with heartier food in the North, and deliciously tasty seafood in Shanghai to an altogether spicier experience in the west, with the key ingredient - Sichuan chillies, used in abundance.

A Taste of China 〜 9 Days

A nine day private tour exploring the stunning diversity of China, with a wonderful contrast of ancient tradition, sitting alongside a vibrant modern society.  Explore the Great Wall with a private guide from a lesser known entrance to avoid the crowds, soak up spectacular views of Tiananmen Square over a delicious lunch, stroll around Shanghai with your private guide and wander round its greatest monuments.  From £3,495 / $5,285

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  • Visit the magnificent Forbidden City
  • Walk along the Great Wall from Jinshanling to avoid the crowds.
  • Explore The Army of Terracotta Warriors
  • Discover Shanghai with a private historian
  • Enjoy the wonderful classical Chinese Gardens in Suzhou


Magical China- A Family Adventure 〜 13 Days

A thirteen day family adventure around the cultural and natural sights of China. Begin your journey with Bejing and the Great Wall of China where the children can fly self-made traditional Chinese kites. Continue to Xian to explore the Army of Terracotta Warriors then head to Chengdu to visit a Panda Sanctuary. Continue to Guilin where you will sail on the magnificent Li River and enjoy your last stop in the buzzing city of Shanghai. From £4,335 / $5,995

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  • Fly traditional Chinese kites on the Great Wall
  • Visit the endangered Giant Panda sanctuary
  • Sail down the magnificent Li River
  • Explore the buzzing metropolis of Shanghai 


Classic China 〜 13 Days

Twelve days to explore the endless beauty and sights of Classic China. Discover Beijing with a private guide.  Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and The Great Wall before cruising down the spectacular Li River.  Complete your discovery of China with a few nights in the pulsating largest of Shanghai where you will enjoy private sightseeing and delicious cuisine. From £4,795 / $6,630

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  • Explore the Great Wall of China
  • Visit The Army of Terracotta Warriors
  • Cruise down the Li and the Mighty Yangtze River
  • Explore Shanghai and Beijing with your own private guide


The Red Savannah Experience

The idea for Red Savannah was always based on a clear market need. Put together a small team of the most experienced (nobody has less than 10 years experience) travel designers and provide a service that revolves around knowledge, empathy and genuine friendliness. A company that brings back craftsmanship and substance, without the glitz and over-hackneyed travel jargon. In short, a travel company redefined for the 21st century.

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