Indian Subcontinent

In the hustle of the modern Subcontinent, where populations boom with the speed of their new economies, Asia's past continues to keep its hold. From the colourful festivals of Rajasthan to the clang of cymbals in Bhutan, from the lofty heights of Everest to the meditative chants that fill Sri Lanka's hills-everywhere one goes, local people throw open their doors with a genuine sense of interest in the visitors that come their way. The appreciation runs both ways. Such is the region's sense of all-engulfing life. Indeed, Asia hasn't thrown the old out with the new but rather lets the two co-exist for everyone to share-in crumbling mosques, pulsating temples, forgotten Mughal fortresses and more, the best of which Red Savannah will show you on intelligently crafted journeys for cultivated souls. 

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Mysterious and deeply fascinating - this isolated Buddhist kingdom lies deep in the heart of the Himalayas, floating in its own unique time warp sandwiched between the economic powerhouses of China and India. Fiercely independent, Bhutan has remained largely insulated from the influences of the Western world. It's the only nation in the world where Buddhism is the state religion, and national traditions have been proudly maintained to ensure its rich cultural heritage remains intact. Indeed its one of the most serene and unspoilt corners of the planet - rural and mountainous, with landscapes unchanged for centuries.

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At once chaotic, colourful and crazy as well as impossibly romantic and full of sweet humour - nowhere gets under your skin quite like India. A place of immeasurable contrasts, here is a country rushing into the future, but with one mighty foot set firmly in the past.  Where else can you visit ancient Mughal cities, go tiger spotting in wild jungles, see manicured tea plantations and vast mountain ranges, lie on buttery beaches, shop in want-everything bazaars and be awe-struck by so many magical temples? Go once - fall in love, and you'll be smitten forever.

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A tiny country of delicious contrasts, Nepal is probably best known for its towering Himalayan peaks, but there's much more besides that the country has to offer. A place where Hindus and Buddhists have lived side by side for centuries, where Tibetan refugees circumambulate whitewashed Buddhist stupas while Hindus worship at ancient pagoda temples and which spans the steamy, wildlife-filled jungle in the south to the fantastic trekking routes in the mountainous north.

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Sri Lanka

The teardrop of the Indian Ocean, gentle Sri Lanka has everything from stunning beaches to tea plantations, wildlife, fort towns and incredible food.  With a long multicultural history mixing Buddhist traditions with Hindu religion, Muslim culture and British rule, the island is dotted with temples, statues and colonial towns, not forgetting age-old ruins and stunning national parks.  With coasts famed for idyllic sandy beaches and a hilly interior dotted with tea plantations and rural villages, Sri Lanka can't fail to seduce.

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