Approximately the size of Switzerland, with a breathtaking landscape of thick forests, patchwork paddy fields, rugged mountains and lush valleys dotted with centuries-old dzongs (fortress monasteries) and rural villages, Bhutan may be small, but there's a lot to see.  Stretching from the high Himalayas in its far north, through the steep foothills in its centre to the plains of India in the south, this magnificent country offers a wealth of geographical and cultural riches.

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Most visitors on a Bhutan holiday travel to the central belt of the foothills, where the majority of the tiny population live and the only roads exist.  Travelling from west to east along Bhutan's main highway (a tiny two lane road carved precipitously into the mountainsides offering spectacular views) is an incredible Bhutan holiday experience, taking you through small settlements lying at the foot of imposing Dzongs, along steep mountain passes and beautiful untouched valleys.  Due to its isolation and the existence of a strict tourist quota, few people have been lucky enough to visit this remarkable kingdom where you can take gentle walks in the virgin countryside, visit farmhouses for cups of butter tea or explore small out-of-the-way monasteries.

For the more adventurous, longer treks involving overnight camping (in the most comfortable way possible) can be taken into the mountains where, during the spring months, you can explore alpine lakes surrounded by beautiful wild flowers. During their Bhutan holiday, most visitors stay in hotels or guesthouses ranging from simple, no-frills accommodation to luxurious lodges run by established hoteliers such as Aman Resorts and the Como Group.  Needless to say, wherever you stay on your holiday in Bhutan, you'll be guaranteed a warm, friendly and authentic Bhutanese welcome. The rest of the world seems a long way away. A true escape.

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