Approximately the size of Switzerland, with a breathtaking landscape of thick forests, patchwork paddy fields, rugged mountains and lush valleys dotted with centuries-old dzongs (fortress monasteries) and rural villages, Bhutan may be small, but there's a lot to see.  Stretching from the high Himalayas in its far north, through the steep foothills in its centre to the plains of India in the south, this magnificent country offers a wealth of geographical and cultural riches.

See a selection of our suggested itineraries below and contact our Bhutan specialist, Rachel Cooper, to arrange your tailor-made holiday to Bhutan on: +44 (0)1242 787 814.

Scenic Heli-Adventure in Bhutan 〜 7 days

Explore Bhutan's heartland on this six night adventure, with four nights at COMO Uma Paro and two nights at COMO Uma Punakha, with spectacular helicopter flights between the two valley regions. Your journey explores the Paro, Punakha and Laya Valleys, with their magnificent dzongs, lush rice paddies and ancient temples. 

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  • Two scenic helicopter flights over the peaks, valleys and villages of the Himalayas
  • Complimentary COMO Shambhala body treatment
  • Complimentary yoga class at COMO Uma Paro


A Taste of Bhutan 〜 10 days


Begin with a night in Delhi before taking a flight over the Himalayas. Head straight to Thimpu, Bhutan's tiny capital, before traversing a high pass en route to the lush Punakha valley. Travelling back to Paro takes you past Western Bhutan's sights, from Dzongs to ancient Buddhist hermitages and recently built ornate temples. From £5,879 / $9,279.

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  • The flight to Paro which takes you over Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga.
  • Thimpu's School of the Arts.
  • Visiting Chimi Lhakhang, a 15th century auspicious fertility monastery.
  • Hiking to Tiger's Nest Monastry.


Bhutan from Paro to Jakar 〜 14 days


Journey deep into the heart of Bhutan, where rural life remains as it has for centuries. After a brief adjourn in Thimpu, continue to the Phobjikha valley. Jakar is your starting point for hikes past small villages and temples. Your return journey takes you to Paro, where the Tiger's Nest Monastery sits high above the valley floor. From £7,745 / $12,392. 

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  • Walking the Gangtey Nature Trail
  • Staying at the Amankora in Jakar - guests may take part in evening prayers and chanting with the monks in Wangdicholing Palace
  • Hiking to the Tiger's Nest Monastery, which clings to the side of a steep cliff.


Bhutan West to East 〜 14 days

bhutan west to east - mountains

A fascinating and adventurous journey from the well-known but rewarding sights of western Bhutan to the much less visited eastern region, which has an altogether different culture, language and aesthetic. Your guide will introduce you to ancient monasteries, stunning national parks, nomadic people and wonderful hotels, as you navigate your way through this most charming of countries.  From £7,495 / $11,415

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  • Travel the length of Bhutan from west to east
  • Explore the monasteries and legends of Bhutan's historic cultural heartland
  • Meet the nomadic Brokpa people and silk weavers of the east
  • Stay in great comfort at Amankora hotels before setting off into the wilds 

A Journey of Rejuvenation to Bhutan 〜 11 days

Explore some of Bhutan's most spiritual sites, as well as enjoying Hatha yoga, therapeutic Bhutanese hot stone baths, massage and meditation sessions in a most blissful setting. Visit Punakha and Paro, staying at Uma hotels and enjoying the spas at COMO Shambala Retreats.

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  • Enjoying a therapeutic Bhutanese hot stone bath with views over the mountains.
  • Climbing to Tiger's Nest Monastery.
  • Practising Hatha Yoga on the terrace with valley views.


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