Middle East

Where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Indian Ocean, where Eurasia meets Africa; the Middle East boasts a history chock full of drama, thus holidays to the Middle East are teeming with interest and excitement. From Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire to Genghis Khan and the 19th  Century colonial powers, the countries of the Middle East have been indelibly marked by conquerors and invaders, yet their own ancient civilisations have contributed in equal measure to the fascinating and fabled heritage of the Middle East as we know it today. A strategic heavyweight contender on the world economic stage, thanks largely to its brimming oil reserves, means that glittering opulence and impeccable service come as standard on any Middle East holiday itinerary. Yet with a long and distinguished character, vistas that stir the soul and an enduring sense of timelessness, such decadence is matched pound for pound with cultural integrity.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi holidays offer the ultimate in glamour and world-first architecture, and in Abu Dhabi you can have a fun desert adventure. Oman holidays are the perfect combination of culture, desert and coast, providing a rewarding contrast with the UAE. Whilst the warmth and charm of the people of Iran will astound you, as will the country itself.

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Following the lead set by neighbouring Dubai, Oman is fast becoming the next sought-after destination on the Arabian Peninsula thanks to its stunning beaches, rich ancestry, beautiful vistas and guaranteed sunshine. This is a land of frankincense and copper, of Bedouin nomads and camels traversing the deserts, of deep wadis cutting through rugged mountain ranges, of traditional dhows and fish-rich waters affording excellent diving. Your Omani adventure will undoubtedly include Muscat, but take time to explore Nizwa, Salalah, the Al Hajar Mountains and the endless, undulating dunes of the Wahiba Sands.

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United Arab Emirates

The variety on offer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures their popularity for a hit of reliable heat - and not just for a stopover en route to the Indian Ocean and beyond.  There are five-star hotels where the service is well-nigh perfect and the beaches impeccably raked, waterparks and camel races, wadi bashing and golf. With super-malls carrying every label that has ever graced Bond Street (and far more besides), the diversions on offer mean nobody gets bored.

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The interior of Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan


There’s no doubting that Iran has had a turbulent past, but those who see beyond the headlines will be richly rewarded when exploring this fascinating country. The Iranians' warmth and skilful storytelling evokes a complulsion to learn more about their history and culture. Expect your journey to take you from kaleidoscopic Persian architecture, through the rambling pathways of UNESCO gardens to the maze of alleys and shops in mud-brick communities – and all without the crowds.

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