Iranian Architecture
Detail of Iranian Architecture
Tiled dome in Iran
Tiled detail at Masjed-e-Jame in Isfahan
Decorative tiled dome in Iran
Iranian society in Isfahan
The 33 Arches Bridge in Iran
Gardens of Iran
Abandoned villages of Caravanserai
Detail of architecture of Iran
Bazaar in Shiraz
Persepolis in Iran
Necropolis of Naghsh-e-Rostam
Necropolis of Naghsh-e-Rostam relief
Tombs at Necropolis
Persepolis in Iran


Iran, formerly the seat of the Persian Empire, is a relatively undiscovered and often misunderstood country. The second largest country in the Middle East and heir to one of the world’s oldest civilisations – it is a land saturated with colour, bustling bazaars, intricate architecture and ancient skeletons from a rich and complex history. With the easing of sanctions, gradual restoration of relations with the west and the reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran, such strong endorsements mean Iran is fast becoming the hottest must-see destination. Our tailor-made private journeys through Iran will ensure you discover the very best bits of this vast country - from palaces to ruins and museums to traditional teahouses. Throughout your journey you will be constantly dazzled by the beauty as well as encountering some irresistibly kind and endlessly welcoming people. 

See a selection of our suggested itineraries below and contact George Morgan-Grenville for expert advice on travelling to Iran on: +44 (0)1242 787 800.

In the Footsteps of the Persian Empire 〜 10 days

The Pink Mosque of Shiraz in Iran

From the capital Tehran you will drive to the city of Isfahan, a cultural and historical kaleidoscope incorporating some of the finest Persian religious architecture. Onward to Yazd with its maze of bazaars before crossing the Zagros Mountains to Shiraz, the beating heart of Persian culture and poetry. Not forgetting to frequent the friendly teahouses en route.
From £4,278 / $5,599.

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  • Immerse yourself in Iran’s heritage and culture, including numerous UNESCO sites
  • Witness the art of Zurkhaneh, a combination of dance, juggling and tests of strength
  • Explore the fascinating bazaars, including the spectacular Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz


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