Since the election of a democratic government in 1993, Cambodia has welcomed tourists with open arms and the more remote corners are now accessible to intrepid travellers. Some of the best new hotels in Southeast Asia are offering unexpected levels of luxury in a country which was ravaged by the maniacal Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge until 1979. Learn the real story about this devastating era in and around Phnom Penh. 21st Century Cambodia has an air of serenity which is incredible after such a recent tragedy. One cannot help but be charmed by the Khmer people, who are only too pleased to share both the depth and substance behind their fascinating culture.

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Imagine verdant rice fields, the vast Tonle Sap Lake and the mighty Mekong River. It is then unsurprising that most local dishes feature rice and fish! A perennial favourite is Fish Amok - a creamy curry of coconut and lemongrass to match the culinary delights of neighbouring Thailand. Many of the best restaurants are found on Phnom Penh's riverfront whilst fearless foodies on Cambodia holidays can snack on crickets and tarantulas!

The timeless temples of Angkor are the most impressive collection of sites in Southeast Asia and attract many visitors on Cambodian holidays. Stand awestruck as the sun rises and illuminates the dramatic centrepiece of Angkor Wat. Marvel at the ruins of the 12th Century temple of Ta Prohm, lying unrestored with the massive roots of silk cotton trees growing across its delicately carved doorways. Or imagine, as you walk through the elegant galleries of Preah Khan, what it must have been like in King Jayavarman VII's day, when it was the base for 100,000 officials and servants. With the addition of a helicopter, other fascinating and far less visited temples can also be explored on a Cambodia holiday. Having soaked up some of the most incredible culture on earth, perhaps there will be time to feast the senses on a private island hideaway.

To organise your Cambodia holiday, cpntact our Southeast Asia specialist, Melissa Matthews on +44(0)1242 787804.

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