A complex and fascinating ethnology comprises 49 distinct groups, still speaking their own languages and living traditional rural lifestyles. The mountainous north offers remote lodges and everything for lovers of the great outdoors. Trekking, mountain biking and river trips are enjoyed before cooling off under crashing waterfalls. The meandering Mekong runs the length of the country before disappearing in to Cambodia. Southern Laos offers coffee plantations, dramatic waterfalls and the 5th Century Hindu temple of Wat Phou, which is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia.

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French colonial legacies are still dotted around, complimenting golden stupas in the picturesque towns and cities of Laos. Couples on Laos holidays can be seen enjoying sunset at Vientiane's answer to the Arc de Triomphe. Fresh croissants and crusty baguettes are enjoyed with soft cheeses and strong coffee. Authentic dishes are a real treat and have influenced the diets of eastern Thailand. Spicy salads, creamy curries and sticky rice are always on the menu with an abundance of fresh fish from the Mekong. Colourful fresh food markets are a great place to meet locals and the brave can snack on anything from barbequed squirrel to buffalo testicles! 

Everything about Laos is honest and unpretentious, with hotels focussing on atmosphere rather than ultimate luxury. One can truly relax on a Laos holiday as nothing moves too quickly and one is easily immersed in the laid-back atmosphere. Buddhism, animism and ancestor-worship dominate daily life, making a holiday in Laos a cultural exchange. Processions of monks in their ochre robes pass through the streets of Luang Prabang at sunrise, collecting daily offerings from devout Buddhists. Spirits are worshipped in homes across the land and visitors are always welcome to witness colourful ceremonies. 

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