The Malay Peninsula and northern Borneo have always been a highly coveted prize, offering control of trade through the Straits of Malacca, an abundance of natural resources and the link between the Indonesian archipelago and mainland Asia. Powerful empires from surrounding countries all took their turns to invade before Arab and European traders chose this as the place to establish their first colonies in Southeast Asia. This complex history has created a multicultural society which has one foot in the developing world and the other in oil wealth and high-tech modern industry. 

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Today the social landscape of Malaysia features Malays, Chinese, Indians, Portuguese descendants and indigenous tribes living side by side. Gastronomes will revel in the most varied and delicious food from all of these influences on their Malaysia holiday. The buzz of modern cities serves as a perfect contrast to peaceful tea plantations and luxurious island hideaways, all of which makes the presence of ancient tribes and wild orang-utan in areas of primary rainforest all the more incredible on a holiday to Malaysia.

Wildlife enthusiasts should look no further than Sabah, the northern state of Malaysian Borneo, which is home to a tremendous biodiversity from orang-utan, gibbon and proboscis monkey to pygmy elephant, crocodile and rhinoceros hornbill. Thrash through dense jungle on foot or meander along peaceful rivers in search of all of these and more.  Those on holiday in Malaysia will find that the coast is littered with tiny islands where immaculate beaches blend in to kaleidoscopic reefs, offering the chance to snorkel and dive with everything from whale sharks and manta rays to turtles and hammerheads. The culture and history of Borneo come alive further south in the Land of the White Rajah, Sarawak. Kuching is the charming riverside capital and your gateway to remote national parks and to the homelands of nomadic Penan and Iban headhunter tribes, providing a culture-rich Malaysia holiday experience.

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