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Having been shielded from view by an oppressive regime for decades, little has been known of Myanmar (known as Burma under British rule) and headlines have rarely been positive. As a rich melting pot of diverse ethnic tribes there have always been tensions, which have shaped an extraordinary past. We can still find heavily tattooed faces in the western Rakhine State, horse-back processions as boys enter the monkhood in Mandalay and it is not uncommon to stumble across a colourful Lisu wedding in the eastern Shan State. British colonial buildings remain, juxtaposed with vibrant markets and innumerable stupas as devout Buddhists seek to make merit. Broad infectious smiles will line whichever route you choose.

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Through a turbulent past the powerful of Myanmar (Burma) cities have always relied on the Irrawaddy River for transportation, communication and irrigation. From the banks of the Irrawaddy one can witness Pagan's fields of temples stretching to distant mountains. Cruising to nearby Mandalay quickens the pulse with a faster pace of life. Expect to rub shoulders with the cheroot-smoking locals in tea shops and haggle over traditional handicrafts on a Burma holiday. Meandering through floating farms and markets on the serene Inle Lake is the perfect remedy for those who have seen too many temples.

There is no greater reward than discovering a nation as it opens up to the outside world. That time is now for Myanmar, whose residents could not be happier to greet inquisitive travelers.  A Myanmar holiday is a true cultural revelation.  A complex history is told through crumbling ancient cities, vast swathes of jungle fall from the Himalayan foothills to pristine beaches and central plains flank the mighty Irrawaddy. More than her breath-taking sights, it is the charm of Myanmar's people which creates memories that will remain with you long after your Myanmar holiday is over.  

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