Whilst surrounding nations have fallen to successive regimes the proud Thais have rarely been shaken. Political opinions might be as fiery as the local cuisine but devotion to their royal family maintains a dynamic equilibrium. From the sleepy UNESCO World Heritage site of Sukhothai, through the more accessible Ayutthaya and then down the Chao Phraya River to the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, three eras have given us three fascinating capitals. 

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Broad smiles and attentive service keep drawing visitors, whilst beyond the obvious sights one can still kayak across peaceful hidden lakes or mingle with locals in traditional floating markets. In the rugged mountainous north disparate hill tribes used to profit from opium whilst elephants were used for logging. Modern hill stations prefer strawberry fields and orchids whilst the revered elephants are cared for by outstanding conservation charities, with full mahout training courses available for animal lovers. Adventurous souls can hike, cycle or even zip-line through the thick canopy. More relaxing vantage points are enjoyed on train journeys and river cruises, thus making a holiday to Thailand the ultimate in indulgence.

Foodies on holiday in Thailand are in heaven from Michelin-starred restaurants which are evolving the identity of Thai food to the street vendors peddling the delicious staples which established it. World-class spas abound, complimenting the atmosphere of the relaxed spiritualism you will encounter on a holiday to Thailand and adding a restorative element to your journey. 

Thailand is undoubtedly the best beach destination in Southeast Asia with something to suit every season, taste and budget. Whether you prefer simple beach huts with a short stroll to local restaurants or private pools and in-villa dining, you will always enjoy fresh seafood, shimmering sunsets and that famous Thai hospitality.

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