Antarctic Expeditions

An Antarctic expedition is truly a once in a lifetime journey to one of the last great wildernesses.  The fragile frozen continent offers an experience that few others have enjoyed. Spending plenty of time on land, you will, among other things, walk delicately around penguin colonies (which are generally un-phased by human presence), wander through shipwrecked remains and enormous bleached whale bones, glide between towering blue icebergs in tiny boats and watch humpback whales playing in the freezing water - no other place on earth is designed to make a human being feel quite so insignificant.

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Antarctic Expeditions-Silversea Explorer

Silversea Expeditions

Your Antarctic expedition starts in the southernmost tip of Argentina, where you will board your ship. Gone are the days of basic accommodations on expedition ships; these vessels are not only equipped for everything the Antarctic ocean and weather might throw at them, they are also luxuriously appointed on the inside, with large and comfortable cabins with en suite bathrooms excellent cuisine and first class service.


Top Recommended Expeditions

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