Northern Europe

The countries of northern Europe have a story to tell of rich histories charting the rise and fall of monarchies and regimes, brought to life through a wealth of architectural splendours and artistic masterpieces. Cities are filled with treasures that tell of distinct cultural identities, regal opulence and ages of imperial glory, whilst at the same time paying quiet and respectful homage to the lasting reminders of countries torn apart by world war and national division. Today, northern Europe stakes its claim as a centre of world finance, fashion and entertainment with a vibrancy that is rarely equalled.

From Russia with love to the capital of romance, northern Europe has an allure that we find rather irresistible. 

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The most visited country on the planet, France encapsulates all that we find beautiful and fun in life. Her coveted Michelin-adorned restaurants deliver haute cuisine complimented by wines of distinguished appellations to satisfy even the most demanding of palates. Her fashion houses and perfumeries stand on a pedestal few, if any, can reach whilst her galleries compete with those of London, St Petersburg and New York on the artistic world stage. 

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From Tsardom and Revolution to Cold War and Perestroika, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great to Lenin and Stalin, Russia's history is as long and turbulent as it is utterly fascinating. Known today as the Russian Federation, this vast country, the world's largest, has a landscape that changes dramatically as you journey from west to east across the endless steppes of Siberia, its cultural riches and architectural splendours, however, very much retained in European Russia, west of the Ural Mountains.

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A journey through Swedish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle is a journey like no other. Here the climate is generally characterised by long, cold and dry winters, and short, cool to mild summers. Perfect skiing conditions abound, with a season that lasts from November to May, so you can even ski under the Midnight sun. You can experience everything from nature at its most pristine and beautiful, to the excitement and thrill of mushing your own dog team and mastering the art of driving a powerful snowmobile. 

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Artic Holidays-Norway-Svalbard

Norway & Spitsbergen

A wonderful Arctic Adventure awaits you: imagine an arctic desert made up of the most staggeringly beautiful fjords and mountains. Explore the fascinating history and vast wildlife of the archipelago of Svalbard on snowmobile or dog sled and maybe camp out under the stars, but what will probably astound you the most is the magnificent and pure silence. 

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If you're in search of spectacular alpine scenery and quaint, picture-postcard villages abundant in charm, then look no further than Switzerland. Here, the towering snow-capped peaks of the Alps, shimmering blue lakes, verdant valley plains, glaciers and pretty lakeside hamlets instil this landlocked country with a magical, almost fairy-tale beauty. You'll also find top-class international resorts nestled in the mountain valleys and on the lake shores, with a wealth of outdoor activities such as mountain-biking, hill-walking, climbing, paragliding, skiing and tobogganing right on the doorstep. Visit Switzerland >

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Great Britain & Ireland

Great Britain & Ireland may not be the largest country in the world, but this little group of islands in north-western Europe certainly has an abundance of majestic landscapes, vibrant cosmopolitan cities, quaint picture-postcard villages and historic towns. From London with its wonderful museums, high-class restaurants and prestigious boutiques, to smaller cities such as Oxford, Bath and Edinburgh with such impressive architecture; from the dramatic scenery and wildlife of the Scottish Highlands to the unspoilt Atlantic coastline of western Ireland; from the peaks and tranquil lakes of the Lake District to the pristine beaches of southwestern England; the UK & Ireland is an utterly fascinating destination. Visit UK & Ireland >

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