Sweden's northernmost destination, Swedish Lapland spans from Kiruna in the north to Skellefteå down in the south. It's surprisingly easy to get here, with daily flights to both Kiruna and Luleå from Stockholm, and also direct flights to Kiruna and Skellefteå from London.

Come to Swedish Lapland and make your own tracks across the tundra, travelling across the Arctic Circle, through deep forests and over frozen streams. Unforgettable experiences await as you mush your team of huskies through a pristine arctic wonderland, with only the creaking of the sleigh and the pounding of the dogs' paws on the snow to break the silence, gentle polar light guiding you on your way. Watch the sky in awe as the dancing blue and green hues of the Northern Lights appear. 

An Arctic Lapland Safari

Experience everything from nature at its most pristine, to the excitement and thrill of mushing your own dog team and mastering the art of driving a powerful snowmobile. Enjoy the wonderful contrast of pure adventure juxtaposed against the majestic silence of the arctic wilderness.  Extraordinary accommodation ranges from a super comfortable lodge on Lake Väkkärä to a specially adapted arctic tipi and a magnificent contemporary treehouse. 

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  • Encountering reindeer and the Sami tribespeople
  • Speeding through vast snowy landscapes by snowmobile to visit the extraordinary Ice Hotel
  • Ice-sculpting class with an expert


The Red Savannah Experience

The idea for Red Savannah was always based on a clear market need. Put together a small team of the most experienced (nobody has less than 10 years experience) travel designers and provide a service that revolves around knowledge, empathy and genuine friendliness. A company that brings back craftsmanship and substance, without the glitz and over-hackneyed travel jargon. In short, a travel company redefined for the 21st century.

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