European Villas

Maybe it's the stunning contemporary art in the hall of your luxury villa that fixes in your memory, or the view of Cap Ferrat at dawn from your bedroom window. Perhaps it's the homemade ravioli, stuffed with bottarga bought from local fishermen. To rent a European luxury villa is to immerse yourself in a private world that belongs to its location; from the hills of Provence to the sparkling shores of Dubrovnik. You enter the rhythm of the people.

Our luxury villa holidays in Europe include Chianti villas full of authentic charm and grand Tuscan palazzi recalling a golden age; traditional Provence villas with private pools restored from ancient mas' and cool Côte d'Azur villas from St Tropez to Monte Carlo. Sea view villas on the Croatian coast complete our collection luxury villas for rent, all curated by our experienced team.


Italian Villas

The potential to be inspired is here exponential, from a masterpiece of renovation on an exquisite Umbrian Estate to houses that look out across the Val d'Orcia's rolling fields and switchback roads lined with the silhouettes of cypress trees, from homes within a short drive of Florence and her artisans, to villas within easy reach of the  alluring coastline of the Maremma.  

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French Villas

France remains a perennial favourite for luxury villa holidays in Europe-from classic Belle Epoque Côte d'Azur villas with sweeping staircases and elaborate verandahs looking out over the bay of Cannes, to sleek super-pads above glittering Saint-Tropez. The clichés come to life in Provençal farmhouses swathed in sleepy fields of lavender and breathtaking pools flanked by sunflowers more yellow than Van Gogh's oils. 

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Spanish Villas

With the most days of sunshine annually in Europe, and restaurants that repeatedly top the 'best in the world' lists, it is not surprising that Spain continues to appeal. But the land of the Flamenco offers more than just good food and weather. A rich history of conquer and invasion has left behind a melting pot of cultures, with Moors, Christians and Jews, all indelibly etching their mark on the country's identity and landscape.

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Great Britain

As an island, albeit Europe’s largest, Great Britain’s global reputation is arguably disproportionate to its size thanks to a colourful history of overseas conquests, pioneering trade and a rich industrial heritage.  Four distinctively different, yet united lands are among the most frequently visited in the world with variety, history and eccentricity never far away.  For those seeking a quintessential English escape, The Cotswolds immediately evokes visions of emerald green fields, picturesque towns, quaint villages and country pursuits, with the rich limestone coloured houses a running architectural theme.  

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Luxury villas in Greece

Greek Villas

As famous for myths, legends and philosophy as it is for meze by the sea, Greece is a dynamic land with a fascinating history. The landscape of this great country and her islands undulates between lush wine-producing valleys, towering mountains, idyllic beaches and quintessential villages washed in white and blue. Ancient, storied monuments can be found at every turn, and the sun beats down from spring to autumn, blessing the country with the warm glow that ensures its popularity as a sunny solace.  

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Croatian Villas

Luxury Croatia villas are on the rise, offering an alternative to Greek island houses and Italy's Adriatic coast. What makes them distinct is not only the beachside locations-there are parts of the Istrian coast that remind one of the Mediterranean of yesteryear-but the melting pot of influences that have contributed to the style.

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Turkey Villas

The natural beauty of Turkey's Lycean coast conceals centuries of struggle over this picturesque landscape, whose deep ports attracted the attention of empire-builders following trade routes to the East. Set back from crystal waters and soft sand beaches, ancient remains provide more of a clue to those who have laid claim to this land in the past. Ephesus, the Roman port, is amongst the most celebrated, however several sites along the coast, whilst lesser-known, provide just as impressive landmarks of the past, and frequently far fewer visitors with whom to share them.

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