Aloe body mask therapy in Chiva Som, Thailand
Swimming pool at Kamalaya
Two women exercising in the forest
Woman meditating at the beach
The Kedara Water Garden of Como Shambhala, Indonesia
Fresh ingredients for a detox meal at Kamalaya
Ayurveda massage in Carnoustie, India
Fitness class at Kamalaya
Pool exercise at Como Shambhala
SHA Wellness - outdoor activities

Zen & Wellbeing

It’s a proven fact that our life expectancy is constantly increasing with men now living ten years and women eight years longer than they did 50 years ago. We all want to maintain not only our good health but also the appearance of it for as long as possible. Many of us succeed in incorporating a healthy diet and active fitness routine into our daily lives but it’s not always easy to get started and sometimes even the most diligent of us need to stop and recalibrate. This is where Zen can help.

We have spent months researching health retreats throughout Europe and Asia, visiting the very best providers in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Our retreats cover a full range of specialisms including Detox, Nutrition & Weight Loss, Yoga & Mind, Fitness, Beauty & Youth and Pure Hedonism. In addition, they may specialise in Ayurveda, the Mayr Cure, Traditional Chinese Medicine or other means to attaining better health. We advise our clients on the differences and similarities between these various systems and guide them towards an approach that will suit them, their current health and their goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, free yourself from stress, improve fitness and tone, recapture your vim and vigour or slow down the effects of time we will prescribe the right health retreat.

The Red Savannah Experience

The idea for Red Savannah was always based on a clear market need. Put together a small team of the most experienced (nobody has less than 10 years experience) travel designers and provide a service that revolves around knowledge, empathy and genuine friendliness. A company that brings back craftsmanship and substance, without the glitz and over-hackneyed travel jargon. In short, a travel company redefined for the 21st century.

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