Sandwiched between Egypt to the north and Ethiopia to the south east, 'The Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs' moves between the seemingly endless Sahara plains, the vibrant green Nile Valley and the swamps and rainforests of the south. Rather like Egypt, it has for millennia been a region where the cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia and the Mediterranean collide; and as a result it is a true melting pot of influences where Egyptian tombs rub shoulders with abandoned Turkish and Roman settlements. Sudan's fascinating history has resulted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and countless other wonders - often pleasingly deserted - including pyramids that far outnumber those in Egypt. A holiday to Sudan reveals an exotic world: the bustling markets of the capital, Khartoum, alive with the sound of the call to prayer and the pitter-patter of Arabic, proud nomadic people who move with the unforgiving Sahara Desert, mysterious prehistoric petroglyphs and vibrant religious ceremonies where whirling dervishes spin for perfection.

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    UTC +3
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    32°C - 42°C


Exploring the Kushite Empire

7 Days
from £2,215
per person
El Kurra in Sudan Sudan
Unravelling Nubian history told through ancient sculptures and bas-reliefs while exploring the sea of beautifully-adorned pyramids at Meroe.

Kingdom of the Black Phaorohs

10 Days
from £4,150
per person
The landscape of the ancient city of Meroe in Sudan Sudan
Cruise the Nile to the ruins of Nuri, visit the Nubian desert villages and pyramids of Meroe, and see colourful souks, museums and Whirling Dervishes in Khartoum.


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