A heady mix of mythical legend, magnificent feats of ancient architectural brilliance, sun-drenched beaches and aquamarine coastlines, Greece and its islands offer a wealth of possibilities to both the first-time visitor and seasoned island hopper. This fascinating country may currently be living through trying economic times, but the welcome will still be as warm and heartfelt and the experience just as magical, this is after all a country where visitors contribute an integral part to the livelihood of its people.

Imagine balmy summer evenings sitting on the terrace of a traditional Greek tavern, watching the sun set over glittering Aegean waters, plates of meze - plump olives, chunks of feta and stuffed vine leaves - accompanied by a glass of chilled retsina, perhaps moving on to a fiery ouzo as the night draws in. Mainland or island, this is Greece at its best.

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Blending ancient with modern, classic with cosmopolitan, Greece is a fascinating destination chock full of history, culture and tradition, not to mention beauty, its landscapes and coastal panoramas amongst the best in Europe.

To start with a bang or end on a high, the awe-inspiring architecture of Athens is hard to rival, its ancient Acropolis home to the sacred Parthenon and Temple of Poseidon. Take time too to browse the pulsating Plaka district, perhaps stopping for lunch at one of the many enticing tavernas. To the north, Thessaloniki boasts a wealth of Byzantine churches whilst the three fingers of the Halkidiki peninsula, renowned for their traditional villages and unspoilt golden beaches, tickle the Aegean Sea.

From the tranquil romance of Captain Corelli's pine-clad Cephalonia to the hedonistic party islands of Mykonos and Kos, the Greek Islands - all 1400 of them - cater for every taste and budget. Whilst Crete may be the largest, its dramatic landscapes complemented by the archaeological Minoan treasures at Knossos and Venetian architecture in Heraklion's Old Town, Santorini has to be one of the most dramatically stunning, its picture-postcard white villages set atop steep volcanic cliffs plunging directly into the crystal blue waters of the Aegean below. 

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