South America

A continent rich in colour and ancient geology and home to some of the world's greatest wonders, means that a holiday to South America really does offer everything to all.  The immense Amazon rainforest, the towering granite peaks of the Andes and the lesser known pristine wetlands of the Pantanal, have all influenced the cultures of its people.  Walk the majestic royal Inca highways on a South America Tour, and paddle silently through the tributaries of the Amazon River that observe no boundaries.  Holidays to South America allow one to immerse in the new world's gastronomy, dance, art and architecture in its buzzing cities.   In contrast, gentle pasturelands often experienced on South American holidays, are tended by the hardy indigenous Indians and lie under the watchful gaze of sometimes simmering volcanoes. Haciendas offer roaring fires and pure alpaca throws to take the chill off the cool air at altitude after a long day's ride.  

Argentina Holidays- Riding


Argentina is probably best known for its gauchos, horses and mouth-watering steaks.  The traditional gaucho died out in the 19th century when Argentina's vast interior was divided up into huge estancias (ranches), however, the modern day gaucho still wears the traditional dress for major holidays and festivals.  The country's varied topography and range of climatic zones ensures that it  remains one of the richest countries in the world for its variety of flora and fauna, with over 1,000 species of birds, many of which are unique to the country.

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A land of contrasts challenging the senses with a cacophony of sights and scents, Brazil's deep seated religion, spiritualism and history is juxtaposed by its nightlife and carnivals.  A world within a country, each region offers a unique culture, landscape and experience.  The Southeast cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo offer a distinct European flavour , whilst the Northeast's stunning beach-studded coastline has a vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture and the North is home to the dense and pristine Amazon forest, tropical grasslands and the wildlife-rich Pantanal wetlands.

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Ecuador and Galapagos

Boasting four regions in one country, Ecuador is home to the evolutionary marvel of the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific coast, the majestic Andes mountain range and the Amazonian rain forest.   Only in Ecuador can one climb the world's tallest active volcano, kayak the rapids of the Amazon rainforest and crisscross the Equatorial line on horseback - all in one holiday.  With over 1,640 species of bird, an all year round spring climate and a deep cultural history, Ecuador has been declared "megadiverse" by UNESCO.  We believe that says it all.

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Located in the heart of the Tropical Andes, Peru neatly divides into nine regions, each with its own distinct character and flavour.  The country's richly contrasting landscape ranges from its parched coast, home to the capital city of Lima, to the high peaks and glaciers of the Andes to desert landscape in the south, stunning beaches in the north and on to the unparalleled diversity of the Amazon Basin.  Steeped in history, Peru's architecture stands testament to the great Inca builders, whilst a myriad of ruins reveal its ancient heritage.

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Tailor-made holidays to Chile

A slim strip of land clinging to the edge of South America, pinned by the Andes Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Chile meanders through over half the continent.  Albeit extremely narrow,  Chile offers a treasure chest of natural wonders from the world's highest, driest desert at its head to the vast glacial fields at its toes, with volcanoes, geysers, lakes, rolling vineyards, steppes and beaches in between.  It is a world of diversity offering luxurious accommodation, high standards of service, fine cuisine and world-class wines.

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Charming, intriguing and absorbing; Uruguay, sits proudly between Brazil and Argentina and is one of the smallest, safest and easiest countries to explore in South America. Inland you’ll find an unhurried and wonderfully authentic pace of life; rolling countryside dotted with homely and welcoming estancias and vineyards.  The coastline stretches for miles with wild and untouched buttermilk beaches, dotted with sleepy fishing villages, protected wildlife reserves, stunning colonial towns and Punta del Este! The glitziest of beach resorts hosting the international glitterati in the southern summer. A relatively undiscovered country with a quiet, unique and fiercely independent heritage; Uruguay will have you hooked in an instant.  

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