Mysterious, evocative, captivating, rich in pre-Hispanic and colonial history, Peru should be on the wish list of many an experienced traveller. Encapsulating many of the iconic sites that represent South America, as well as the much-loved Llama, this is a country for learning and exploring.  The massive Andes mountain range divides the country down the middle, with the dense jungle of the Amazon Basin on one side, the sandy desert edging the coast on the other and Central Sierra, home to Andean farmers and providing a fascinating glimpse of rural Peru, in the middle. 

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    Flight time from London
    12.5 hours
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    Time Zone
    UTC -6
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    April - November
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    11°C - 22°C

Featured Peru Holidays

Machu Picchu - Trek in Style

9 Days
from £3,686
per person
Inca ruins and alpacas Peru
Trek to the iconic Machu Picchu in Peru, stying overnight in cosy lodges providing a comfortable bed after a long day's trek. You can choose to trek on foot or on horseback.

Active Family Peru Adventure

11 Days
from £3,450
per person
Cycling holiday in Peru Peru
Designed for families that like to explore, this itineary takes you deep into the Amazon Basin, to one of the highest lakes in the world and to the incredible Machu Picchu.

Affordable luxury- Peru

8 Days
from £3,315
per person
Cathedral of Cusco Peru Peru
All the highlights of this beautiful Andean country are included in this unforgettable trip. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you travel from Cusco to the Sacred Valley and the magical Lost City of Machu Picchu.

A Culinary Journey to Peru

12 Days
from £4,631
per person
Ceviche - classic Peruvian dish Peru
Peru's vibrant culinary scene is the perfect place to try exotic foods. From local markets to some of the world's leading restaurants.

Classic Peru

14 Days
from £4,260
per person
Machu Picchu, Peru Peru
Prepare ceviche alongside a renowned chef in Lima, explore the Sacred Valley by bicycle and board the lavish Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu to visit the incredible Inca fortress.

Peru in Style

12 Days
from £7,982
per person
the sun gate of machu picchu in Peru Peru
This classic journey through Peru begins in the capital of Lima, before continuing to the ancient capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. A 3-day cruise of the Amazon River completes your adventure.
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