From the plains and salt pans of the Atacama desert, the craggy, granite peaks and turquoise glaciers of Patagonia's Torres del Paine and across the ocean to the other-worldly Moai statues of Easter Island, Chile enchants. Visit the wineries of the Maipo Valley and Chile's vibrant capital, Santiago. Explore the fjords of the Pacific Coast, watch the sun set over the Vale de la Luna and take one of the world's classic road journeys along the Southern Highway. Few places on earth boast such incredible natural diversity as this charming country.

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    14.5 hours
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    Chilean Peso
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    8°C - 17°C


Ends of the Earth Family Expedition

15 Days
from £4,100
per person
A family adventure exploring two iconic Latin American countries. Stargazing in the Atacama Desert, sail through the glacial lakes and ride the funicular in Valparaiso.

Classic Chile

17 Days
from £5,900
per person
From the vast picturesque Atacama Desert in the North to the jagged snow-capped mountains of Patagonia and the winelands of Central Chile, this itinerary takes you to each of these incredible locations.

Iconic Landscapes of Chile

13 Days
from £4,200
per person
Explore the Atacama on horseback, and behold the incredibly mesmerising Moai on Easter Island whilst having a picnic under the stars.

Vines, Wine & Majestic Andes

10 Days
from £4,700
per person
Explore the most exquisite private vineyard lodges in Chile and Argentina and enjoy endless days of sunshine whilst discovering fine wines and new world cuisine.


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