Our luxury holidays to Ecuador and Galapogos, uncover the landscapes and culture of the mainland, as well as some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife that exist as though preserved in prehistory.

Far more than a connection point for the Galapagos Islands, South America's tiniest nation rises from the Equator and descends to the steamy tributaries of the Amazon. Remnants of pre-Hispanic civilisations dot the landscape and the dexterous Otavaleno Indians produce their vibrant textiles with ease at the biggest artisan craft market on the continent. UNESCO protected colonial heritage sites dominate the old city in Quito and rest prettily to the south in the city of Cuenca. A journey along the spine of the Andes and the 'Avendida de los Volcanoes' is a hypnotic trip encapsulating the biodiversity of the landscape through several climatic zones. A short half hour flight from Quito takes one to the gateway to the Amazon. Paddling the narrow pristine creeks in traditional dug-out canoes, escorted by the eerily prehistoric squawking Hoatzins, Pygmy Marmosets and Golden mantled Tamarin is just one of the many highlights that holidays in Ecuador promise.

600 miles west of Ecuador lie Darwin's 'Enchanted Isles'. Galapagos holidays naturally revolve around the spectacular wildlife and our luxury holidays explore the archipelago by expedition boat or from a luxury lodge. A seven to eight-night cruise will usually allow you to see most species (Finches, Frigate birds, Boobies, Albatross, Galápagos Penguin, Marine and Land Iguana, Sea Turtles, Sea Lions and an array of fish species). Family-only expeditions to the Galapagos delight and inspire: head out on kayaks, snorkel next to sealions, watch courtship dances and join the captain to learn navigational skills.

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Featured Ecuador & Galapagos Holidays

Classic Ecuador

9 Days
from £2,810
per person
Cuenca, Ecuador Ecuador & Galapagos
Vist the lively Andean Market town of Otavalo and view the extraordinary wildlife of the Cotopaxi & El Cajas National Parks.

A Family Holiday to Galapagos

9 Days
from £4,995
per person
Sea lions sun bathing on the beach, Galapagos Ecuador & Galapagos
Get up close to sea lions, dolphins and marine iguanas whilst snorkelling in the flourishing waters. The Galapagos is the perfect destination for families to explore togeher.

Affordable Luxury-Ecuador and Galapagos

11 Days
from £4,995
per person
Flamingos, Ecuador and Galapagos islands Ecuador & Galapagos
Two days in the capital city of Quito are followed by 8 days exploring the extraordinary volcanic archipelago of the Galápagos, where prehistoric reptiles such as the giant tortoise still roam freely.

Lodge-Based Galapagos Exploration

11 Days
from £5,741
per person
Closeup of a Iguana, Galapagos Ecuador & Galapagos
Enjoy two nights in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city of Quito. Combined with this you will visit Darwin’s living laboratory, the Galapagos Islands.
An Iguana on a branch, Ecuador and Galapagos islands Ecuador & Galapagos
Combine unforgettable visits to the Amazon rainforest, the Ecuadorian cloud forest and the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands, in the company of expert local guides who will ensure the very best wildlife experience.

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands in Style

15 Days
from £8,518
per person
Otavalo Indian children, Ecuador Ecuador & Galapagos
Travelling in style through Ecuador you will have privileged access to a cloud forest reserve, as well as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the Galápagos Islands aboard a luxury vessel.
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