From hotels in Shanghai's gleaming towers to new resorts sequestered inside The Forbidden City, from private islands off Cambodia's gentle shores, to lodges hidden in distant mountains recalling James Hilton's tale of Shangri-La-we make it our obsession to uncover them on your behalf. With Red Savannah this richly textured continent throws up new experiences every time.


From food to politics, the shopping scene and more, we lead you towards places you didn't know existed, from private vaults concealing some of Asia's greatest architectural treasures to luxury resorts in Indonesia's Sumba island to Burma's Himalayas and more. To be alone in Angkor Wat at dawn, to learn the secrets of pho in the backstreets of Hanoi in Vietnam, and hear of monks riding atop flying tigresses in Bhutan - this is Asia now.


Destination Expert Mel Matthews


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Mysterious and deeply fascinating - this isolated kingdom lies deep in the heart of the Himalayas, sandwiched between the economic powerhouses of China and India. Fiercely independent, Bhutan has remained largely insulated from Western influences. Indeed it is one of the most corners of the planet - rural and mountainous, with landscapes unchanged for centuries. MORE
The tigers nest, Bhutan


There is no greater reward than discovering a nation as it opens up to the outside world. That time is now for Burma. A complex history is told through ancient cities, swathes of jungle fall from the Himalayan foothills to pristine beaches and central plains flank the mighty Irrawaddy. More than her breath-taking sights, it is the charm of Myanmar's people which creates the most lasting memories. MORE
Bagan, Myanmar


Renowned for the architectural wonders of Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s charms extend far beyond her temples. After decades of civil war and genocide under the Khmer Rouge in the 20th century, Cambodia is seeing in a new, peaceful dawn. Stay in charming boutique hotels in Phnom Penh, floating lodges in the Cardamoms or in beautiful coastal villas on the Gulf of Thailand. MORE
Banteay Kdei, Cambodia


China, heavily steeped in antiquity bounding into the 21st century, is as much an education as a holiday. With a culture and heritage so unlike our own, exploring China's 5000 years of history is mind-blowing, with iconic sights ranging from the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall to the magnificent karst peaks of Yangshuo and the Yangtze River. MORE
Great wall at Jinshanling, China


At once chaotic and colourful as well as impossibly romantic, nowhere gets under the skin quite like India. Where else can you visit ancient Mughal cities, spot tigers in jungles made famous by Kipling, visit pristine tea plantations and watch as the sun rises over unimaginably high mountain ranges? All of life is in India and it should be visited at least once in a lifetime. MORE
Kerala Munnar tea picker, India


Noted for excellent cuisine, world class hotels, fine beaches and awe-inspiring temples, Indonesia’s diverse archipelago offers enough to satisfy everyone from the adventurer climbing volcanoes or seeking dragons in Komodo to the indulgent pleasure-seeker enjoying the beaches of Bali or sailing aboard a magnificent phinisi on the Banda Sea.  MORE
Borobudur Buddhist Temple in Indonesia


Japan fuses the ancient with the contemporary whilst retaining its singular character as the rest of the world marches towards homogeneity. Learn meditation at a Buddhist monastery, enjoy a floating hotel on the Seto Inland Sea to retreat to an onsen resort on the island of Kyushu. MORE
Sakura cherry blossom on the banks of a river with Mount Fuji in the background


Colonists have left their mark on Laos – most noticeably, the French left wide boulevards and a penchant for croissants and baguettes - yet it retains its unique, beguiling character. Saffron-hued monks still collect alms at dawn and minority people maintain their traditions in remote towns and villages. The mighty Mekong traces an age-old route visited by few. MORE
canoe on the mekong, Laos


Journeying through Peninsula Malaysia takes you from sleepy plantations to tenacious traders amid towering skyscrapers. Across the South China Sea the rainforests of Borneo create the best wildlife destination in Southeast Asia. Whether retracing colonial footsteps or blazing a trail through the rainforests, you are never far from a breath-taking beach. MORE
native cameron highlands, malaysia


A tiny country of delicious contrasts, Nepal is probably best known for its dramatic Himalayan peaks, but there's much more besides. It is a place where Hindus and Buddhists have lived side by side for centuries, worshipping at whitewashed stupas and ancient pagoda temples. And where tigers and Asiatic rhino roam through the jungles of spectacular forests. MORE
bodhnath stupa, Nepal

Sri Lanka

The teardrop of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has everything from stunning beaches to tea plantations, wildlife, fort towns and incredible food. With a long multicultural history mixing Buddhist traditions with Hindu religion, Muslim culture and British rule, the island is dotted with temples, statues and colonial hill stations, age-old ruins and stunning national parks. MORE
matale temple, Sri Lanka


Wake up to monks chanting over a vast reclining Buddha, lunch on fiery Som Tam and spend an afternoon elephant-trekking through dense jungle or luxuriating in a world-class spa. Enjoy dinner with the sand between your toes or explore night markets. Every guest in Thailand, from families to honeymooners, is warmly welcomed by the same beaming smiles and humble bows. MORE
national marine park angthong, thailand


Far more than just a battleground between East and West, variety is the joy of modern Vietnam, from designer boutiques and the buzz of motorbikes in Saigon to the old world conservatism of Hanoi. Peaceful fishing villages such as Hoi An and emerging resorts line the coast of central Vietnam and the mighty Mekong bustles with life at its delta. MORE
The streets of Hoi An

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