• FlightTimes icon
    Flight time from London
    2 hours 25 minutes
  • TimeZone icon
    Time Zone
    UTC + 1
  • Currency icon
    Hungarian Forint
  • SuitableFor icon
    Best Time to go
    January - December
  • Temperature icon
    Average Temperature
    5 - 20

Featured Hotels in Hungary

Aria Budapest

Terrace with view of St Stephens Basilica at Aria Budapest in Hungary Budapest, Hungary

Even in a city as lively as Budapest, this smart boutique hotel stands out for its creative originality. Music and modern design meet in a relaxed yet glamorous atmosphere.

Hotel Facade at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest Hungary Budapest, Hungary

A grand façade and sumptuous interiors characterise this glorious Budapest hotel - while smart service, fine dining and an excellent spa prove there's even more than meets the eye


Crown Jewels of Europe Prague Vienna & Budapest

7 Days
from $ 4,640
per person
Parliament Building in Budapest Hungary Austria

Indulge in a little time travel through a trio of central European capitals, with expert guides leading the way, and a pitstop in Bratislava


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