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    Flight time from London
    2.5 hours
  • TimeZone icon
    Time Zone
    UTC +2
  • Currency icon
    Swedish Krona
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    Best Time to go
    Year round
  • Temperature icon
    Average Temperature
    -3°C - 18°C

Featured Luxury Hotels in Sweden

Private sauna with forest and snow views at luxury Loggers Lodge hotel in Sweden Harads, Sweden

Serving Scandinavian chic for two in Swedish Lapland, this romantic pine lodge comes with wood-fired sauna, outdoor hot tub and a terrific private chef.

Arctic Bath

View of bath at Arctic Baths in Sweden Harads, Sweden

Remarkable cabins, exhilarating spa treatments and true wilderness experiences await at this exclusive floating spa hotel, nestled in a pristine corner of Swedish Lapland.

Aerial view of the deluxe rooms at Aurora Safari Camp in Sweden Swedish Lapland, Sweden

A luxurious tented camp that pays tribute to Lapland's Sami reindeer herders, with a floating sauna and unlimited scope for stargazing, incredible photography and truly memorable expeditions.

Ett Hem

Bedroom of a suite at Ett Hem Stockholm, Sweden

The design-led epitome of Nordic chic, this boutique 12-bedroom townhouse hotel is a luxurious home from home in residential Stockholm - with a marvellously relaxed kitchen.

Featured Holidays to Sweden

An Arctic Lapland Safari

7 Days
from $ 8,651
per person
dog sledging near aurora safari camp in Sweden Sweden

Experience everything from nature at its most pristine, to the excitement and thrill of mushing your own dog team and mastering the art of driving a powerful snowmobile.


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