For those of us who dwell in more northern climes, the sense of anticipation that comes with a Caribbean holiday is only heightened by the feeling of sheer indulgence that accompanies it. You'll find a broad smile spreading uncontrollably at the thought of leaving behind the winter blues, trading them for palm-fringed sandy beaches, liquid sunshine waters, the prickle of sun-kissed skin and wonderful evenings under starlit, balmy skies.


Red Savannah's pick of Caribbean villas and resorts represents our desire to offer authenticity as well as luxury, providing you with the difficult choice of trying the laid back British Virgin Islands that offer some of the best waters in the world for sailing and water sports, Antigua's wonderful sense of old world Caribbean, Jamaica's vibrant, hospitable people, or the privacy and sophistication of Mustique.



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Antigua is a microcosmic Caribbean paradise where the pace of life is slow and crystal clear water meets a meandering, largely deserted white sand coast. Favoured by sailing enthusiasts thanks to its many harbours and marinas, the island is peppered with fantastic hotels and villas from Galley Bay Heights in the North West to Falmouth and English Harbour in the South East. MORE
English Harbor, Antigua

St Lucia

One of the Caribbean's most verdant and mountainous islands St Lucia is nature at its most spectacular boasting stunning beaches, rain-forested valleys and the dramatic twin peaks of the Pitons. Whether you're feeling romantic or want to spend some time with your family, nowhere in the Caribbean surpasses it for its all-round appeal. MORE
Pool reflection from St Lucia's Jade Moutain seeing Petit Pouton

British Virgin Islands

Once beleaguered by pirates and warring colonialists, the BVIs is today one of the most civilised pockets of the Caribbean. Its stunning scenery and small population mean it lives up to every expectation of a Caribbean paradise, and its distinctly up-market hotels and villas attract a cosmopolitan clientele in search of discreet service and total escapism. MORE
The VIrgin Gorda at British Virgin  Islands


Jamaica is the most famous of the Caribbean islands and has long drawn visitors in search of the good life. Known for its laid-back beach life, the country also has a beautiful, rugged interior and a distinct culture. Our villas and hotels are located near some of the finest stretches of coastline, including the seven-mile stretch of soft sand in Negril. MORE

St Vincent & the Grenadines

It was Lord Glenconner who had the big idea: to turn Mustique, a private island in St Vincent and the Grenadines, into a place for only the truly discerning (including a couple of rock stars and British royalty whom he counted among his friends). And so he began to build, preserving the island's nine perfect beaches for this small coterie to enjoy.  MORE


In 1745 French soldiers landed on the shores of Anguilla. The British settlers rushed to their canons and forced the French away from their recently-settled island in just 15 minutes. Such devotion to their new home is perhaps not surprising, as any visitor to Anguilla will testify. The turquoise-blue waters and gentle Caribbean breezes were clearly worth fighting for. MORE
exteriors seen from the sea of le bleu, anguilla

St Kitts & Nevis

Nevis, alongside big brother St Kitts - make up this twin-island nation - in the heart of the West Indies. Known and treasured for its prolific and vibrant green landscapes, its majestic and dominating forest-clad volcano and palm shaded beaches; with creamy white sands and a smattering of drift wood for authenticity, which encircle and frame this idyllic island. MORE
Montpellier Plantation on Nevis


With forty-five beaches, one of which is the spectacular Grand Anse Beach, Grenada is rich in natural beauty. This “Spice Island” has plenty of Caribbean charm with its friendly islanders and unspoilt landscapes and is the perfect place to wind-down, recharge and enjoy the island’s laid-back way of life.

The Grand Anse Beach near Spice Island Resort, Grenada


According to astronauts, the brilliant turquoise waters of the Bahamas are visible from space. Characterised with soft, pinks sands and an easy-going approach to life, the coral-based archipelago comprises over 700 islands, and with the Andros Barrier Reef and the black coral gardens off Bimini, is considered one of the best snorkelling and diving sites on the planet. MORE
A yellow hut in the Bahamas

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