Red Savannah was established in 2011 by George Morgan-Grenville, a veteran of the luxury travel industry. George's inspiration was to bring a sense of craftsmanship back into an industry that had become rather saturated with companies seeking benefits of scale at the expense of true individuality and high quality service. He assembled a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who share this vision and integrity, each with a minimum of 10 years' experience in the luxury travel industry (indeed most have more than 20 years). Their address books are the best in the business and they are driven by a desire to deliver only the very best life-changing travel experiences.


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The Management Team

Red Savannah’s management team brings together decades of luxury travel industry experience, successfully combining global destination knowledge, tried and tested operational expertise and a highly coveted address book of contacts. With at least twenty years in the travel industry each, there are few, if any, better placed teams to deliver travel at its very highest standard.
Profile for Management Team - cheetahs

Tailor-Made Travel Team

Complex cultural textures demand a sensitive, intelligent approach to tailor-made holidays, while the sheer volume of exceptional hotels, lodges and camps need a discerning point-of-view to sort the wheat from the chaff. At Red Savannah, we combine these talents with the very best on-the-ground contacts, working together to pioneer new inspirational, life-enhancing itineraries.
Profile for Tailor-Made Team - Bagan

Villa Specialists

Villas can be some of the most problematic territory for travel specialists, requiring assiduous attention to detail until the match between house and client is perfect. At Red Savannah, we make it our business to know your quirks - and your family's - while finding exceptional properties that stir the soul.
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Zen Gurus

Our Zen Gurus have personally visited all the retreats we work with in order to select partners according to the programmes they offer, their delivery and their long-term effectiveness. This ensures that every client can achieve their goal whether that be weight loss, improved fitness, less stress or better sleep.
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