Arctic Cruise Ships

Aerial view of Ponant's Le Commandant Charcot cruise ship in the Arctic Arctic

One of the only luxury icebreakers to traverse Arctic waters, Le Commandant Charcot delves deep into the frozen north while never comprising on luxury and adventure.


Exterior view of Quark Expeditions' Ultramarine cruise ship in the Arctic Arctic

Boasting two twin-engine helicopters and an indomitable ice rating, Ultramarine promises Arctic adventures in areas untouched by many.

Ponant Le Boreal

Exterior view of Ponant's Le Boreal cruise ship navigating Arctic waters Arctic

Whether you are discovering the pristine wonders of Svalbard or following the route of the explorers along the Northwest Passage, Le Boréal provides a base of supreme style and luxury in the Arctic.

Silver Endeavour

Exterior view of Silver Endeavour by Silversea in the Arctic Arctic

With a focus on thrilling expeditions, an industry-leading guest to crew ratio and a formidable ice rating make Silver Endeavour perfect for those seeking intimate and luxurious Arctic adventures.

Arctic Circle Tours

Cruise the Northwest Passage

17 Days
from $ 20,270
per person
Floating blue icebergs in an Arctic fjord Arctic

Follow in the footsteps of the explorers crossing from Greenland to the Canadian High Arctic along the fabled Northwest Passage. Towering glaciers, majestic Arctic wildlife and isolated Inuit communities all await.

North Pole Cruise

16 Days
from $ 42,170
per person
A polar bear standing on the edge of an ice floe in the Arctic Arctic

Venture to lands trodden by very few on an epic journey to the North Pole from Norway, sailing in supreme luxury. Trace the breathtaking coast of Spitsbergen before venturing north into an ice-filled wonderland.

Greenland Cruise - Fjords, Vikings & Glaciers

14 Days
from $ 12,630
per person
Orcas diving through Arctic waters near Greenland Arctic

Follow the route of the Vikings from Iceland to eastern Greenland on an enthralling cruise, which circumnavigates Greenland's southern tip on an epic journey of icebergs, Arctic wildlife and mighty fjords.

Svalbard Cruise - Highlights of Spitsbergen

7 Days
from $ 7,552
per person
A reindeer grazing on Arctic tundra in Spitsbergen Norway Arctic

Within Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, the dramatic island of Spitsbergen is home to spectacular Arctic landscapes and wildlife. Discover these wonders in comfort on a fabulous five-night cruise.

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Arctic & Antarctica Specialist


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