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    Flight time from London
    2 hours 25 minutes
  • TimeZone icon
    Time Zone
    UTC + 1
  • Currency icon
    Polish Zloty
  • SuitableFor icon
    Best Time to go
    January - December
  • Temperature icon
    Average Temperature
    -5 - 24

Featured Hotels in Poland

Hotel Copernicus

Spa at Hotel Copernicus in Poland Krakow, Poland

A listed 16th-century building in the centre of Kraków, this hotel offers historical character, a rooftop terrace and a flawless L'Occitane spa in its medieval cellars

Featured Holidays to Poland

Maygars to Mozart

8 Days
from $ 5,365
per person
Scattered churches in Budapest Hungary Poland
Knowledge is power on this absorbing journey around Poland, Austria and Hungary, taking in Auschwitz-Birkenau, imperial palaces and soaring Gothic architecture. 

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