They are the arteries of life on earth and the most beautiful of our planet’s highways - great rivers that dissect our continents, charting the evolution of great civilisations, mapping the present and and shaping our future. To take a river journey along the Amazon in South America, the ‘Mighty’ Mekong through Southeast Asia or the Nile through Egypt is to sail through history, great cities, lost villages and a kaleidoscope of incredible flora and fauna.

At Red Savannah we offer small ship river expeditions which allow access into some of the lesser visited tributaries as well as the great water courses themselves. We uncover life as it has been lived for centuries on the banks of Burma’s Irrawaddy and Chindwin rivers; we follow the Mekong along routes once fought over by Cold War opponents, the Nile past the temples of Kom Ombo and Luxor, and the Amazon River through some of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems, all on river boats chosen for their beautiful cabins, authentic dining and the very best guides.

The Best River Journeys

An Expedition up the Chindwin

12 Days
from £3,230
per person
Mandalay Palace, Myanmar Burma
An adventurous river journey into the remote jungle-clad hills separating Burma from Indian Nagaland, aboard a charming, shallow-draft, colonial-style river cruiser.

The Mekong from Vietnam to Cambodia

5 Days
from £2,927
per person
Chau Doc in Vietnam Vietnam
Sailing on the Aqua Mekong from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh exploring floating villages, remote Buddhist monasteries and local villages.

Nile Discovery

8 Days
from £1,525
per person
Philae in Egypt Egypt
Visit Cairo and Aswan before sailing through history on board the Sonesta St George past the temples of Philae and Edfu to Luxor where the magnificent temples of phaorahs await.

Peru in Style

12 Days
from £7,982
per person
the sun gate of machu picchu in Peru Peru
This classic journey through Peru begins in the capital of Lima, before continuing to the ancient capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. A 3-day cruise of the Amazon River completes your adventure.

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