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    2 hours
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    UTC + 1
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    Czech Koruna
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    Year Round
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    -4 - 24

Featured Luxury Hotels

The Augustine

Sundial Garden at The Augustine Hotel Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a lively city with an immense medieval history - but this characterful, luxury hotel stands out for its winning combination of monastic heritage and contemporary finesse.

Aria Prague

Atrium sitting area at Aria Prague Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic

This playful hotel in Prague's historic Lesser Town strikes a chord with the city's musical history. A wonderful rooftop terrace and Baroque garden complete its stylish symphony.


Crown Jewels of Europe Prague Vienna & Budapest

7 Days
from $ 3,600
per person
Parliament Building in Budapest Hungary Austria

Indulge in a little time travel through a trio of central European capitals, with expert guides leading the way, and a pitstop in Bratislava


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