I can safely say that my first visit to Capri, in June 2016, fully lived up to my expectations of this enchanting isle. On sighting the busy port, awash with glistening speedboats, I was immediately transported to a bygone world of style and glamour and half expected David Niven to come water-skiing across the bay, accompanied by Diana Rigg, martinis in hand.

Indeed, the leggy Ms Rigg would be one lady not in need of the reason I have come here, to the Capri Palace Hotel and its famous Leg School. This is the place to go to combat the unsightly signs of illness and aging as manifested in your legs, which can include varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks.

Developed and patented by Professor Francesco Canonico the treatment comprises a series of applications including mud and cold bandages followed by ice massage and lymphatic drainage. The whole process lasts around three hours and should be repeated over the course of several days in order to be effective.

Happily I do not suffer from any of these symptoms but it’s still lovely to have such a thorough treatment and, after marching up and down the hot/cold Kneipp bath several times to complete the therapy, retired to my room with legs that felt smooth, silky and distractingly tingly.

After a few days of this you’ll be wanting to show off your perfect pins and of course the Capri Palace is the perfect place to do that with its large outdoor pool and beautiful views over the bay to Naples and Ischia. As this therapy is popular with some notable A-listers, who knows who else you might find reclining in the Mediterranean sun?


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